Saturday Seminary
Leader: Rev. David H. Rogers

Saturday Seminary is a ministry of the Caroline Baptist  Association which focuses on offering training courses and events for ministers, church leaders and church members.  It began as a center for offering diploma certificate credit courses offered through cooperation with the six Southern Baptist Convention seminaries in their Seminary Extension program  At the present time and for the upcoming future no official Seminary Extension courses are being planned.

The current format for ministry training is the offering of free or low cost courses and training events on Saturdays. While these courses do not carry any particular credit with other organizations, its advantages are in its flexibility with regard to attendance, its low cost, and its emphasis on the teaching rather than requiring the students to take tests. So far we have had a course on sermon preparation and one on biblical interpretation. The classes are typically held from 10:00 am to noon on Saturdays in the fall and spring.

Its current director is Rev. David H. Rogers, pastor of FBC, Biscoe who can be contacted for more information at or cell (870) 589-0470.

Upcoming Saturday Seminary courses (non-credit) in 2013 will be a fall course on America's religious heritage and future. In 2014 we are anticipating having an introductory course in counseling for the Spring season and a systematic theology/doctrines course for the Fall. There are no anticipated costs for the 2013 fall course.

The counseling course in the Spring will have a couple of highly recommended textbooks.

The systematic theology course in Fall 2014 does not have a required attendance cost, but the instructor has two suggested textbooks of which he has a limited number of copies. Both of them together cost $20.

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